Equipment Rental & Support

Full service equipment rentals for every event.

We provide our clients and partners with reliable equipment rentals and support for the operator.  Whether you’re looking for Audio Visual or Lighting equipment, we’ve got it all.  We are the experts at adding effects to enhance the experience of your event.

Rigging, Staging, Trussing & Labour

Engineered with your guest experience in mind.

Based on the size or budget of your event, you may require rigging, staging, trussing, or additional labour to help you get the job done right, and safely.  It’s important that your labour team is certified and puts the safety of your guests first.

Marketing, Management, Design Production & Creative

You're not alone when you work with the CMP Creative Team.

Make your event unique and an experience to remember by using our production team that consists of design and creative professionals.  Our CMP experts are visionaries and inspire magic through their designs and concepts.  Try them out, you’ll be blown away.

Every event has hundreds of moving parts.  Our clients rely on us to share their burden by using our expert marketing, planning, and management professionals.  Our team is here to help you.

Entertain & Capture

Sky's the limit when it comes to entertainment for your guests.

As a one-stop shop, we know our clients and partners want to capture the memories crafted by their event.  We’ve got photographers and videographers on call as well as performers, choreographers, models, and comedians to entertain and inspire.

Transportation & Logistics

Don't rely on third party services to deliver when you have access to our trusted transportation services.

There’s never a need to run around when you use CMP for your event’s transportation and logistics.  We’re always on-time, and work to your schedule as we know timing is everything.  There’s no substitute for confident planning.

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